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Whether you need to irrigate your yard, your storefront, or an entire athletic complex, we can design and install an irrigation system to meet your needs. We proudly use both Hunter® and Rainbird® products and are happy to assist you in deciding which system is right for your property.

We have installed hundreds of systems from manually operated to fully automated. We regularly maintain and service more than 600 systems in the Fargo-Moorhead region and beyond.

sprinklers on path landscaping

Every system we install includes:

  •  Premium parts
  •  Top quality pipe, fittings and back-flow preventer
  •  Optional rain sensor
  •  Trouble-free, automated control
  •  Manufacturer warranty on all components


Whether you want assistance with spring start up, or you come home to a flooded backyard, we can solve your maintenance problems. Our irrigation staff will get your system up and running as quickly as possible. If you are looking for any replacement parts for a do-it-yourself project please visit our showroom. We have parts for Hunter®, Rainbird®, and Toro® irrigation systems.


Proper winterization of your irrigation is essential in order to prevent pipes and sprinkler heads from freezing and breaking. Whether you’re a current irrigation customer or are having one installed for the first time remember to schedule your winterization appointment.


Q) How do I get a plan or quote on a lawn sprinkler system?
A) Just call our offices and request one. Basic information needed includes the address of location and a site plan (or dimensions on the property). Then it usually takes 2-3 days to draw a plan and prepare the quote.

Q) Which systems do you install?
A) We install Rain Bird and Hunter, the two top brands nationally.

Q) What’s the difference between Rain Bird and Hunter?
A) They are similar in most ways. Often, a customer will have some previous experience with one brand — and will then prefer that one over the other. There are no deficiencies with either system.

Q) How long does it take to install a lawn sprinkler system?
A) For most residential systems, it will take 2-3 days.

Q) How much does a lawn sprinkler system cost?
A) On a residential system, the cost will typically range between $2,600 to $4,000, with the size and shape of lawn being a primary determining factor.

Q) Does a lawn sprinkler system add value to a property?
A) Yes, the value of a property should increase by the cost of the system — because it’s a significant asset. So, when the property is sold, the cost of a system should be recovered in the sale.

Q) If I decide to order a system, how long does it take to get it installed?
A) Early in the season (April-May-June) things can be very busy — so it might take 4-5 weeks for installation. Later on, the wait is usually down to 2-3 weeks.

Q) What is an “automatic” sprinkler system?
A) An “automatic” system will utilize a time clock — which when set will operate the system automatically — at days and times that you select — even if you are not at home.