Garden Center in Fargo, ND

The best, most effective way to boost your landscape appeal is through beautiful foliage. S & S Landscaping Company, Inc. is proud to have a robust garden center and nursery in Fargo, ND, bringing customers a diverse range of plants to help enrich their landscape. From flowers and ground-level shrubs, to bushes and trees, we strive to raise the appeal of your landscape through the addition of beautiful foliage.

Garden Center

Whether you need a tree for your yard or a planter for your patio, we can help. Our garden center has a wide variety of plants, and we pride ourselves on excellent quality. We sell northern-grown plant material that can withstand the region’s harsh climate. Plus, trees and shrubs come with a one-year warranty.

All plants within our nurseries in Fargo, ND are well-tended and cared-for, allowing them to grow strong and beautiful. This makes transplanting them on your property hassle-free, with beautiful results! Some of our bestsellers include:

Bring your questions and plant needs to our experienced and educated garden center staff. We are happy to assist you with plant and pest identification. We are your garden problem solvers!

Planting Service

If you find a tree that you love but don’t want the work of planting it, take advantage of our planting service. Our crews plant every Friday throughout the summer, weather permitting. Our service includes planting the tree, providing trunk protection, staking for stabilization, and placing mulch around the base. When we plant the tree you also receive a one-year, 100% warranty. For more information please view our Price List.

Delivery Service

Whatever the material- rock, mulch, dirt, or plants- we can deliver it to your site. Our delivery schedule runs on the hour from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Delivery of product must be scheduled in advance. Once on site, we can also spread and install any products we deliver. Coordinate with our team prior to delivery to discuss installation of materials.

Visit our garden center today to learn more about all of the plants and trees we tend to, as well as our planting capabilities and material delivery services. For more information about any of the products we sell, contact us today at 701-235-1515.