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Iron Deficiency in Trees

December 24, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you suspect your tree health in Fargo, ND is being impacted by iron deficiency? This problem may be more common than you think. Use the following overview to determine whether this is an issue for your trees, how to prevent it and how to treat iron deficiency in trees in Fargo, ND. What is iron deficiency? Iron deficiency in trees in Fargo, ND is also referred to as iron chlorosis. This condition results in leaf yellowing. It is usually caused by high pH in soils. How can I diagnose iron deficiency? If your tree leaves are turning yellow, this... View Article

Top Plant Choices for Winter Landscaping

December 11, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Without the proper additions, winter landscapes can look drab and dreary. A lack of greenery and blooms can leave the area feeling dull and uninviting. Fortunately, there are winter plants in Fargo, ND that can liven up your setting. Use alternative shapes and forms that add texture and create borders for pathways and garden outlines. These winter plants add a splash of color and interest to the winter scene to keep your surroundings attractive year-round: Ornamental grasses: These provide some height and interest to the lawn while other grasses are dormant for the season. Snowberry: This shrub features pink flowers... View Article

Prep Your Snow Blower for the Coming Winter

October 29, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Snow blower maintenance in Fargo, ND is essential for reliable performance. Regular maintenance will also extend the lifespan of this equipment. As you gear up for the coming winter season, be sure to take appropriate steps to maintain your snow blower and prepare it for the work ahead. To ensure your snow blower is ready for the season, take the following steps. Keep in mind, if you purchased your snow blower through S & S Landscaping Co. Inc., we also offer maintenance services for equipment. Feel free to contact our team for assistance. Change the oil At the start of... View Article

Learn About Canada Hardy Roses

September 6, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

A major component of lawn maintenance in Fargo, ND is selecting and caring for the variety of plants and flowers in your garden. There’s little worse than purchasing and planting a set of plants, only to discover that they aren’t suited for your climate or soil. In North Dakota, the cold weather can be brutal on flowers and shrubs, which is why we love Canada hardy roses! These gorgeous floral varieties can withstand harsh climates and are easy to grow, making them the perfect choice for a North Dakotan’s blooming flower garden. Today we are discussing roses all hardy to... View Article

Five Tips to Solve Your Summer Landscaping Problems

June 18, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Property owners face a few common landscaping issues each summer. These challenges can make landscaping in Fargo, ND tough to maintain. To keep your yard looking sharp this season, use the following tips. These steps will help you save time and money on your landscaping efforts. For additional tips, visit your local nursery and consult with experts in landscaping in Fargo, ND. Made in the Shade Do you have areas that are suffering from dead or sun-burned grass? If your lawn has little to no shade, this is probably an issue for your summer landscaping in Fargo, ND. Consider planting... View Article