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Tips for Overseeding a Lawn

July 16, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s a common misconception that the term “overseeding” means “adding too many seeds,” but what it actually means is spreading seed over the top of an existing lawn, so the seeds go “over” the grass that already exists. If you have a thin or weak-looking lawn, overseeding helps you create a fuller appearance without having to tear up the yard and start from scratch. It’s important to plan out your overseeding properly so you can get the best results. The best time to overseed your lawn in the north is during the fall, when the soil is still warm but... View Article

Fuel and Lube: Picking the Best for Your Snow Blower

April 15, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

When the snow begins to fall and cover up your driveway, nothing brings more peace of mind than knowing you’ve got a snow blower in the garage, ready and waiting. Rather than throwing out your back heaving snow every time a storm blows through, your snow blower will make quick work of whatever Mother Nature decides to dump on your property. Like any other tool used for landscaping in Fargo, ND, your snow blower needs proper maintenance. If you want it to roar to life after just one tug of the ripcord, you’ll need to pay close attention to how... View Article

How to Trim and Train Your Growing Vines

June 19, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Vines can add an inviting look to your property’s exterior. As they climb trellises, walls or fences, they provide extra greenery and generate an intriguing atmosphere for your garden, patio or property. But how can you ensure they grow in a healthy way? How can you guide them to grow where you want them to? Use the following trimming and training guide from our nursery in Fargo, ND as your go-to source of information. With a few simple tricks, you’ll have attractive, well-trained vines in no time: Gather the right tools: For vine guiding, you’ll need a vine plant, a... View Article