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A Buyer’s Guide to Common Mulch Alternatives

By Landscaping

Spring has very nearly sprung, which means yards throughout the Fargo area will soon be in bloom. For homeowners throughout the region, that means thinking about a new load of mulch, or perhaps a mulch alternative. Before you sink a lot of time and money into researching and procuring mulch alternatives in Fargo, ND, here’s what you need to know. The benefits of natural hardwood mulch One of the most common forms of mulch is a ground-up natural hardwood mulch. A load of ground-up or chipped mulch has numerous benefits for your yard. For example, natural hardwood mulch is great…

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How to Prevent Frost Damage to Plants

By Seasonal Landscaping

How to Prevent Frost Damage to Plants When it comes to day-to-day life in our little pocket of North Dakota, frost is an inevitability. The amount of time that the area spends blanketed in chilly weather means that frost happens. If your plants and trees are subject to prolonged frost exposure, they could be in danger. Wilted leaves, the formation of brown and black patches and even outright death could occur as a result of frost damage. You don’t have to sit idly by and watch while your hours of summertime work are frozen solid, however. Here are some tips…

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Tips to Prune Your Trees During the Winter

By Landscape

Tips to Prune Your Trees During the Winter The average homeowner may believe that when the temperature dips into the single digits, the time to work on your yard has passed for another year. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are several tasks you can undertake during the winter to improve the health of your landscaping in Fargo, ND. One of the most natural things to do is pull out your trimmers and get to work on the trees in your yard. The most wonderful time of the year Not only should you consider pruning…

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Iron Deficiency in Trees

By Uncategorized

Do you suspect your tree health in Fargo, ND is being impacted by iron deficiency? This problem may be more common than you think. Use the following overview to determine whether this is an issue for your trees, how to prevent it and how to treat iron deficiency in trees in Fargo, ND. What is iron deficiency? Iron deficiency in trees in Fargo, ND is also referred to as iron chlorosis. This condition results in leaf yellowing. It is usually caused by high pH in soils. How can I diagnose iron deficiency? If your tree leaves are turning yellow, this…

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Top Plant Choices for Winter Landscaping

By Uncategorized

Without the proper additions, winter landscapes can look drab and dreary. A lack of greenery and blooms can leave the area feeling dull and uninviting. Fortunately, there are winter plants in Fargo, ND that can liven up your setting. Use alternative shapes and forms that add texture and create borders for pathways and garden outlines. These winter plants add a splash of color and interest to the winter scene to keep your surroundings attractive year-round: Ornamental grasses: These provide some height and interest to the lawn while other grasses are dormant for the season. Snowberry: This shrub features pink flowers…

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4 Tips to Care for Your Garden This Season

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Spring has officially arrived in the Red River Valley and planting season is finally underway!  In addition to your new plants you are adding to your garden or landscape, perennials may be finally returning to the scene!  Here are FOUR tips and tricks to make sure you are giving your landscape the best care this season!  How to tell if your perennials or dead or still dormant.  Not all perennials come up at the same time, which can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. They can also look a little lifeless at the beginning of spring. To check if they have died off…


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Upgrading your landscape doesn’t have to stop at plants, trees, and shrubs.  With the help of S & S landscaping, you can truly transform your front, or back, lawn with hardscaping.  Our customized hardscaping not only looks beautiful, but it also accents and highlights the hard work you’ve put into your flowering plants, towering trees, and lush, green grass!     Hardscaping comes in all shapes, sizes and purposes, and can be customized precisely to fit your landscape and vision.  From a patio entertainment space to unique fire pits and functional walking paths, you can make your landscape your own.  Our…

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring Season

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Spring is rapidly approaching which means it’s time to set up your garden for success by effectively preparing for the season. A great garden requires correct maintenance and preparation in order to flourish. Here are five ways you can prepare your garden for a successful season from your gardening experts at S&S Landscaping! Prepare your shed and tools Ensure you have the necessary supplies to begin the gardening season. Sharpen blades, oil hinges, and replenish your supplies. It’s a lot easier to go over your supplies before you can start planting so you can be sure your prepared – without…

Tips for Harvesting Summer Fruits

| Vegetable Gardens | No Comments
As summer approaches, so does the time for harvesting blueberries, strawberries and cherries in Fargo, ND. With the purest of summer flavors, dishes that incorporate blueberries, strawberries and cherries are a great homegrown treat to enjoy throughout the warmer months. Now is the time to start harvesting some of these foods, and prepare to harvest others very soon. Harvesting blueberries Blueberries tend to be an easy crop to grow, which makes them popular throughout the country. To harvest blueberries for best results in Fargo, ND, the key is to wait until they turn blue. (If that sounds obvious, consider how…