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Prevent Pest Damage to Your Landscaping in Fargo, ND This Winter

December 5, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Winter isn’t a big growing season, but you still want to protect your landscaping through the cold months. When spring comes around, you want your landscaping in Fargo, ND to flourish. However, certain pests can interfere with these plans. Wildlife can cause a lot of damage to your growth through the winter. Fortunately, you can use deterrents to avoid this damage. Use the following wildlife guide to learn what you’re up against and how to win the battle. Watch for Signs Do you suspect that deer are damaging your vegetation? The following are signs that Bambi has been in your... View Article

How to Prevent Ceramic and Clay Pots from Cracking or Shattering

November 12, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Ceramic and clay pots are classic staples in gardens throughout the world. They are a simple and effective way to hold and separate plants while also providing the right amount of drainage for them to thrive. They’re hardy, versatile and sturdy enough to hold everything from a sprouting flower to an aging ficus. These ceramic troopers are meant to last a lifetime and are readily available at your local nursery in Fargo, ND. Unfortunately, clay and ceramic aren’t as strong as they might appear to be. They’re actually quite susceptible to changes in temperature and freezing snow. The materials expand... View Article

Prepping Evergreens for Winter to Avoid Burning

November 12, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Attentive gardeners can’t help but worry as the cold winter approaches. Each year, the chilly temperatures take their toll on the usually lush and vibrant evergreens. Evergreen leaves and needles often succumb to the terrible fate of winter burn, which is caused by a combination of winter sunlight and depleted soil moisture. The evergreen needles and leaves dry out and die because their roots can’t draw enough water from the frozen soil. Freezing winds and spray from road salt can also take a toll. Winter burn can be so severe that the plant will die and need to be replaced... View Article

Our Best Landscape Edging Tips for Commercial Properties

October 17, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

You’d be amazed at how big of a difference edging can make in the appearance of a property. Oftentimes it is truly the difference between merely average landscaping and landscaping that looks crisp and professional. By edging your lawn, you can keep grass from growing into areas you’ve mulched, make sure it stays away from flower beds and keep the transition from sidewalk to grass as sharp as possible. Here’s some information from our landscape contractors in Fargo, ND about what you need to know with regard to edging. Neatly shoveled edging Shoveling is far and away the most common... View Article

How We Come Up with the Ideal Fall Seasonal Color Options for Your Property

October 5, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Summer is officially in the rearview mirror, and fall has arrived. This means it’s time for you to put away your summer décor and bust out the fall-themed items that will add to the overall appeal and charm of your exterior and landscape. Of course, you’re going to want to consider the color palette you’re working with before you dive right into your fall decorating. But what exactly goes into choosing your seasonal color options? Here’s some info from the landscaping contractors in Fargo, ND at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. to help you this fall. Choosing a location... View Article