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The What, Why and How of Lawn Overseeding

By May 20, 2020November 3rd, 2020No Comments

Is your lawn looking patchy and worn thin in spots? Missing lush green grass that not only looks great, but is fun for playing and picnics? This is often due to bad drainage, compacted soil, weeds and the weather. You can restore your grass to its former glory by using a technique called overseeding. Read on to find out what overseeding is and learn how to overseed your lawn in Fargo, ND.

What is lawn overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of adding more seeds to your existing lawn to make the entire area look more lush and healthy. This is opposed to spot seeding, where you would only seed the bare, patchy areas of your grass. Typically, you or a landscaper will inspect your lawn to identify the problem areas and their causes. In most cases, you’ll aerate the soil first, then go over the entire lawn with fresh seeds. Aerating the soil first allows the seeds to penetrate the ground, making it easier for them to germinate and grow new grass. It also helps your grass grow thicker and helps prevent weeds. In fact, the more the grass grows, the more likely the weeds will be choked out.

Overseeding tips in Fargo, ND

You can overseed your lawn yourself, although it will require some special equipment.

First, you’ll need to mow your lawn at the lowest setting and bag the clipped grass, so it won’t interfere with the seeding process. In fact, you might rake your lawn after mowing just to ensure you’ve removed as much waste as possible.

Next, you’ll want an aerator and seed spreader. The aerator is important because you want the seeds to go in the ground, not land on top; the spreader will make sure there’s an even distribution of seed across the entire area.

Your next task is to research what kind of grass grows best in your area, when the optimal time is to seed your lawn and what kind of fertilizer and watering requirements it has. (Generally, North Dakota does well with cool-season overseeding and grass varieties.) Then you can time your overseeding for the best possible results.

After you overseed your lawn, you need to water it daily (watch carefully and do this less or more, as needed). The ground should be damp, but not so soaked that you notice significant runoff. Wait for the grass seeds to germinate and start growing, and then you can start mowing again.

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