Essential Planting Tools and Techniques for Gardeners

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The gardening season is finally just about upon us! If you’re interested in getting more in depth with your gardening this year, or are just exploring the hobby for the first time, it’s important for you to get a good baseline knowledge of the kinds of planting tools you need to have and techniques you should be familiar with to set yourself up for success in Fargo, ND.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know!


A gardener must be well outfitted with all of the proper “tools of the trade.” While you don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money on high-end equipment or specialized tools, especially if you’re just getting into the hobby, there are certain essentials you’re going to want to have on hand.

Have at least a couple pairs of well-fitting garden gloves to protect your hands and to avoid them getting caked in dirt every time you want to work in the garden. You’ll want a rake and a hoe to prepare your garden beds, as well as a shovel, which will help you turn over dirt in larger quantities as well as dig out holes for larger plants. A small hand cultivator or trowel will help with some of the more detailed work and planting of smaller plants. You’ll need a garden hose attached to a spigot for watering, complete with a nozzle that has several options, including spray, jet, mist, center, cone and more.

Finally, a wheelbarrow or garden cart will be a big help for when you’re weeding or have large quantities of dirt or mulch to move around.


In addition to being outfitted with the essential gardening tools, you should also be familiar with certain planting techniques and tips, including:

  • Stir the soil and let it sit for a few days as soon as it’s able to be worked. This means right after the final frost is done.
  • Top-dress the soil with an inch of compost over the entire garden area to prepare it for planting, then use a spading fork to loosen the soil in the garden bed so you can mix the compost in well.
  • Once you’ve mixed in the compost, you should smooth out the soil with a rake, allowing you to get rid of stones or debris.
  • If you’re starting from seed, check the packets for the right time to plant. There will be various different times depending on the region in which you live and the kind of seeds you want to plant.
  • Use the hoe to make rows for vegetable seeds if you’re planting directly into the garden. Otherwise, if you’re planting individual plants, you should use a hand cultivator or trowel.

For more information about how you can get started with the hobby of gardening and the kinds of planting tools in Fargo, ND you will need to begin developing your green thumb, we encourage you to contact the team at S & S Landscaping Company, Inc. today with any questions.

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