Choosing the Plants for a Butterfly Garden

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There are so many beautiful reasons to consider transforming your yard into a butterfly garden. These special habitats have an enormous benefit to pollination, which means they make your yard healthier and more vibrant. Butterfly gardens also encourage spiders and ladybugs—two of the more beneficial varieties of insects—to call your garden home. In other words, it may start with attracting butterflies, but adding plants that draw butterflies often results in the creation of a thriving ecosystem.

Turning your yard into a butterfly garden is also easier than you might think. For example, native butterflies prefer native plants. When they’re planted in their home environment, native plants are hardier and easy to care for. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to mix in hybrids with similar traits to attract a broad array of pollinators.

Intrigued? Of course you are! Here is a list of great plants for a butterfly garden in Fargo, ND.

Bee balm (Monarda)

This beautiful flower blossoms in a uniquely gorgeous way that must be seen to be believed. A variant of mint, this fragrant bloom is excellent at attracting pollinators. The more bee balm you can plant in your yard, the more incredible the display becomes. Bee balm also comes in several varieties, including “raspberry wine” and “Marshall’s delight.”


Looking to add a bit of height to your yard? The stalk-like plant is covered in beautiful, delicate petals that sprout in a wide array of colors. You can opt for the “solar flare” variety to inject a vibrant yellow into your garden, or plant some beautiful “purple smoke” to add some gravitas to your yard.


Few plants bloom as well as yarrow, a flower that produces tiny little flowers that burst forth in feathery clusters of color. Yarrow comes in a huge array of colors and varieties, like “paprika” and “moonshine.”

Liatris (Blazing Star)

Paint a little technicolor into your garden with liatris, one of the most striking plants for a butterfly garden in Fargo, ND. These unusual plants bloom in a cylindrical blossom that almost looks like it was plugged into an electrical socket. Whether it’s the brilliant blue of “kobold” or even the vibrant “Floristan white,” few plants pop like liatris.

Coneflower (Echinacea)

You’d be forgiven for confusing the coneflower with a sunflower, but there are some critical distinctions. The coneflower’s petals droop toward the ground like a majestic willow close to the earth. Varieties like “Cheyenne spirit” and “butterfly kiss” add more color to your yard than a sunflower ever could.

Create the garden of your dreams

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