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How to Prevent Frost Damage to Plants

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How to Prevent Frost Damage to Plants

When it comes to day-to-day life in our little pocket of North Dakota, frost is an inevitability. The amount of time that the area spends blanketed in chilly weather means that frost happens. If your plants and trees are subject to prolonged frost exposure, they could be in danger. Wilted leaves, the formation of brown and black patches and even outright death could occur as a result of frost damage.

You don’t have to sit idly by and watch while your hours of summertime work are frozen solid, however. Here are some tips from your leading landscape contractors in Fargo, ND to keep your plants safe and warm this winter.

Which types of plants are vulnerable?

The good news is that not all of your plants will be susceptible to frost damage. Most trees, shrubs and plants with a few years’ growth under their belts are somewhat frost-resistant—that is, they can withstand a few hours of exposure to a thick frost before the sun comes out and evaporates it.

However, fragile flowers like spring blooms, fruits, vegetables, perennials and potted plants are all in danger when the frost is prolonged. Fortunately, there are some steps to take before you need to enlist the help of qualified landscape contractors in Fargo, ND.

Use old sheets and towels

If you have any old sheets, blankets or towels lying around, you can put them to use on the coldest nights of the year by draping them over the top of any vulnerable plants.

Go mobile

In the case of potted plants, you can shift them to wheeled platforms (an inexpensive purchase at most hardware stores) and move them indoors. Even if you can’t move them into your home, any shelter, like a garage or a shed, is an excellent way to prevent the frost from taking hold.

Put down stakes

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your frost problem, you can wrap in-ground plants in burlap. First, grab several wooden stakes and an industrial staple gun. Then, set up your stakes around the perimeter of the plant and then wrap your burlap twice around the stakes. Your stapler is to keep the burlap in place.

An ally in the world of lawn care

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