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How to Prepare Perennials and Shrubs for Cooler Weather

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As lovely as the summers can be in our little corner of North Dakota, every resident knows that winter is right around the corner. As locals, we’ve all developed ways of getting through a long winter. Unfortunately, your treasured perennials and shrubs may not be so well adapted.

Not to worry—with a little bit of help, winter garden preparation in Fargo, ND can be a breeze. Here are a few simple tips to help you get your plants winter-ready before the first snowfall.

Water right up until the ground freezes

When winter rolls in and your ground freezes, the moisture content of the soil drops considerably. In addition, the air itself contains significantly less moisture than during the summer. Add to that the harmful, drying rays of the Sun and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.

You can combat all that dryness by watering your perennials and shrubs until the first freeze. The soil should be moist; this will help your ground retain valuable moisture throughout the long winter.

Clear any debris

When they’re left to decay over a long winter, fallen leaves and sticks can harbor diseases and insects that can harm your perennials to no end.

Before the first snowfall, make sure to trim any dead or diseased leaves off your plants and clear away any sticks or leaves that may have accumulated near the base of the plants.

Fertilize around early August

A layer of fertilizer can be a critical element for fall perennial preparation in Fargo, ND. Using low-nitrogen fertilizer in the beginning of August can help your perennials and shrubs retain nutrients when the cold weather sets in.

The timing is critical, however. If you fertilize too late, your plants might grow up until the frost, and that’s no good.

Mulch is nature’s blanket

Right as the soil is freezing, put down a thick layer of mulch just around the base of your perennials and shrubs. The mulch will help your plants retain a more consistent temperature and hold in the moisture.

The goal is to help keep your soil from shifting rapidly in temperature several times throughout the winter.

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