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Time to Replace Summer Bloomers with Mums and Ornamental Kale

September 18, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

The summer flower season really is something to behold—there are lots of vibrant colors and intricate inflorescences on display. Many people associate the fall with more muted earth tones and begin to wind down their landscaping for the year. The fact is, there are lots of exciting, colorful specimens that you can plant in your garden in the fall season, as well.

If you want to make your yard pop this autumn, talk to a trusted landscaping expert about planting ornamental kale in Fargo, ND, or planting mums in Fargo, ND. Installing a combination of these two plants in your landscaping beds can provide you with a cheerful, seasonally appropriate aesthetic that’s sure to wow your neighbors and create a distinctive design in your yard.

Benefits of Planting Ornamental Kale

Ornamental kale may at first seem like an odd choice to use for your fall landscaping. In fact, ornamental kale is an attractive specimen that’s prized by fall gardeners for a number of reasons. Here are just some of the many benefits associated with planting ornamental kale in Fargo, ND in the autumn:

  • Vibrant colors and ruffled leaves: Kale features lacy, ruffled leaves that are exceptionally attractive. Ornamental kale comes in a number of vibrant colors, depending on the type you select.
  • Frost and cold tolerant: Ornamental kale is extremely cold tolerant, usually lasting up until the season’s first snow. In fact, the color of ornamental kale actually deepens and intensifies following the first frost of the season.
  • Use as garnish: You probably wouldn’t want to eat your ornamental kale, but you can trim the attractive leaves to use as a garnish for your favorite autumn meal or a fresh garden salad.

Reason to Plant Mums

While ornamental kale can provide you with the vibrant foliage necessary to keep your landscaping looking attractive throughout the winter season, it can be a bit more challenging to find flowers that are active this late in the year. Thankfully, mums are a hardy fall-blooming plant with lots of good things going for them, including:

  • Suitable for beds and containers: You can plant mums both in garden beds as well as in containers, making them extremely versatile. You can even start with a mum in a container, and then plant it in the bed for next year.
  • Blooms mimic autumn leaf colors: Mums feature striking gold, orange and red leaves, making them the ideal companions for trees that are losing their leaves and changing colors.
  • Flowers last for weeks: Mums require very little maintenance in the fall, and their blooms last for weeks. This makes them an attractive option for busy people who still want an outstanding yard.

Just because the summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean that your landscaping has to appear unattractive. Consult with the landscaping experts at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. to learn more about ways that you can create a distinctive yard for all seasons by planting ornamental kale and planting mums in Fargo, ND this autumn.

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