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Learn About Canada Hardy Roses

September 6, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

A major component of lawn maintenance in Fargo, ND is selecting and caring for the variety of plants and flowers in your garden. There’s little worse than purchasing and planting a set of plants, only to discover that they aren’t suited for your climate or soil.

In North Dakota, the cold weather can be brutal on flowers and shrubs, which is why we love Canada hardy roses! These gorgeous floral varieties can withstand harsh climates and are easy to grow, making them the perfect choice for a North Dakotan’s blooming flower garden. Today we are discussing roses all hardy to USDA Gardening Zone 3. This gardening zone has a minimum average of temperatures of -30℉ to -40℉.

What are hardy roses?

Hardy roses are varieties of rose bushes that are capable of withstanding harsher conditions like cold weather and higher altitudes.
Some rose varieties are very delicate, meaning they’re more likely to die when the temperature dips and not recover the next year. Hardy roses, on the other hand, should bloom year after year, as long as they are well taken care of. Hardy roses from Canadian breeders tend to be hardier than other varieties.

There are many types of hardy rose varieties. Some are quite hardy, while others offer differing colors, bloom sizes, bloom patterns and other benefits.

A few popular types of hardy roses include:

  • Hope for Humanity
  • John Cabot
  • Morden Sunrise
  • Winnipeg Parks
  • Purple Pavement
  • Snow Pavement
  • Foxy Pavement

Visit S&S Landscaping, your local expert of lawn maintenance, in Fargo, ND and ask about their selection of hardy roses. The staff can provide you with information about which roses would be best for the location and your desired features.

Planting and caring for hardy roses

Once you’ve selected the varieties you want, carefully consider where you want to plant your roses. Although many people keep roses contained to a single area where they are all together, consider placing a rose bush as a focal point in your yard or in multiple places to add splashes of color to your landscape while they’re in bloom.

When you’re ready to plant, know whether the rose bush is an own-root plant or a grafted plant. You can typically find out this information when you purchase the roses, or look at the base of the plant and its branches to tell. Grafted roses have a thicker base root that looks somewhat gnarled.

Own-root plants can be planted in the same way as the average shrub, while grafted plants should be buried a little deeper, covering the point where the grafts are connected by a few inches of soil. This helps protect the graft union from harsh weather.

Once planting is complete, you can care for roses in many of the same ways as usual. However, since the plants are hardier than most, you don’t need to use as much fertilizer as you typically would to keep them healthy.

Pruning, too, is generally easier for hardy roses. Prune the rose bush to maintain its size and cut back thin, old or damaged wood. Keep in mind that intense pruning is not usually necessary because hardy rose branches maintain their growth better than tender roses do.

Turn to the experts

If you’d like to plant roses that withstand North Dakota’s harsher winters but aren’t sure where to turn, speak with the experts at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc.! We’re your one-stop shop for everything lawn maintenance in Fargo, ND.

Purchase a variety of hardy roses from our plant nursery, as well as lawn equipment, or turn to our landscape design and planting services to keep your lawn and garden looking amazing every season. Call us today for a free estimate!

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