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A Summer Harvesting Guide for Vegetable Gardens in Fargo, ND

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It’s vegetable garden season! By now you’ve likely planted all of the vegetables that you’ll be growing over the course of the summer, and you’re probably very much looking forward to reaping your rewards in a month or two.

Here’s a quick summer harvest guide for your vegetable gardens in Fargo, ND, including some of the most popular homegrown items.


You can start picking snap beans while they’re still young and serve them small, or wait until they reach a larger size. You should use two hands to pick these beans, because otherwise it’s quite easy to break the stems. Rather than yanking the pods off, hold the stem in one hand and gently pick them off with the other hand.

Once the beans begin bearing, you should pick them every other day, ensuring they produce to full potential. Healthy plants could very well rebloom and produce additional crops of beans, as long as the plants are kept happy.

Sweet corn

It’s not always easy to determine when it’s a good time to harvest sweet corn, just because you can’t look inside the husk. Therefore, you should go by the appearance of the silks. They should be dry and brown, with just a bit of green appearing at the base. If you squeeze the husk, the ear should feel plump rather than skinny. You can peel back just enough of the husk to slightly expose the ear just to check and see if it’s ready, poking a kernel. If the corn produces a light milky sap, then it’s ready to pick.


Cucumbers can be picked whenever they’re big enough for you to use. Check the vines every day as the fruit starts to appear, because once they show up, they will grow quickly. The more you harvest, the more they’ll produce. Use a knife or clippers to remove the fruits, cutting the stem just over the fruits. Avoid pulling the fruits, because it will damage the vines. You should also avoid letting the cucumbers get too large, because that could result in them getting a bitter taste and also prevent more fruits from growing.


You should always use a sharp knife or pruning shears to cut off peppers with just a little bit of stem attached. If you pull the peppers off by hand it could cause a whole branch of the plant to break off, which will prevent additional peppers from growing. Make sure to pick them when they’ve reached full size and color. You can eat the peppers at pretty much any stage, but letting them achieve peak color and size will give the best results. Peppers have a large harvest window.

These are just a few examples of some of the most common garden plants, but we’re happy to give you tips with any kind of vegetable you’re trying to grow in your gardens this summer. For more tips about vegetable gardens in Fargo, ND, contact the team at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. today.

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