A Spring Fertilization Guide

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When the long winter finally ends, your lawn is left looking less than ideal. How can you properly care for your landscaping in Fargo, ND to help it recover from the cold and snow?

This requires a few key steps. Use the following guide to properly fertilize and tend your lawn to help it bounce back from winter and look great this season:

  • Know your lawn: Several varieties of grass grow in landscaping in Fargo, ND. Three of the most common types are Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue, and Fine Leaf Perennial Rye. Identify which type of grass is present on your property so you can provide the best treatment for that species of plant.
  • Over seed: Do you have dead patches in your landscaping in Fargo, ND? This is common after a harsh winter. To encourage new growth in these areas, over seed the dead patches. Don’t be skimpy with the seed. It is recommended to apply seed at 3 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. This will help restore the patch to a lush lawn.
  • Train “dog spots”: Dog owners often struggle with maintaining a healthy lawn due to dog spots. These are areas that are suffering from exposure to dog urine. When your dog urinates on the grass, he is spraying it with nitrogen, which will kill the grass. To prevent dead patches from nitrogen-rich urine, water the area immediately after your dog relieves himself. This will dilute the nitrogen and keep the grass healthy.
  • Unpack it: Winters in Fargo involve a lot of snow. Yards are covered with significant amounts of snow for long periods of time. This precipitation gets heavy quickly and will kill the grass below it. For lawns to recover from this weight, they need good care. Use a good fertilizer on your lawn to fight back against Jack Frost.
  • Repair it: Voles, or meadow mice, can cause terrible damage to landscaping in Fargo, ND. Fortunately, property owners can take a few steps to repair this damage. First, rake the debris from the voles’ runways. Then, fill their pathways with topsoil. If there are areas that do not recover, fertilize and overseed them to stimulate new growth.
  • Get started: Use a fertilizer to get your lawn going in the spring. It probably hasn’t received any nutrients since fall, so this will give your landscaping in Fargo, ND the jumpstart it needs. Apply fertilizer to all garden beds and lawn areas. Don’t forget to water, and do so in the morning.

Partner with the Pros

The final important step to provide your landscaping in Fargo, ND with the best care is to enlist the help of professionals. The experts at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. have been the area’s go-to source for premier landscaping and irrigation services since 1978. Our experienced landscape designers and landscape architects are here to help you create a beautiful outdoor oasis. Stop by our showroom and nursery to find everything you need to fertilize and enhance your property. Visit us today or contact our team for a free estimate!

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