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Prevent Pest Damage to Your Landscaping in Fargo, ND This Winter

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Winter isn’t a big growing season, but you still want to protect your landscaping through the cold months. When spring comes around, you want your landscaping in Fargo, ND to flourish. However, certain pests can interfere with these plans.

Wildlife can cause a lot of damage to your growth through the winter. Fortunately, you can use deterrents to avoid this damage. Use the following wildlife guide to learn what you’re up against and how to win the battle.

Watch for Signs

Do you suspect that deer are damaging your vegetation? The following are signs that Bambi has been in your landscaping:

  • Damage to tall plants: Rodents can only reach so high. If you find damage to taller vegetation, this is due to a deer’s visit.
  • Hoof prints: Deer leave behind tell-tale tracks in the mud and snow.
  • Droppings: If you find scat in your garden, the deer have left a clue that they are regular visitors to your landscape.
  • Torn leaves: Deer often munch on leaves. You’ll find ripped leaves and stripped branches.
  • Tree rubbing: If you notice slight damage to your trees, this could be due to deer rubbing the trunks with their antlers.

Are the culprits in your yard rabbits? These creatures typically offer one signature move. Rabbits leave clean-cut damage. While insects and other rodents may nibble away at your plants and leave jagged edges, rabbits leave clean-cut damage at ground level.

Be Proactive

To remove the welcome mat from your yard, take a few proactive steps:

  • Install fencing: Use protective fences around your vegetation to keep animals out.
  • Startle them: Motion-detecting sprayers can startle deer or rabbits with a burst of water when they trespass on your lawn.
  • Use deterrents: During the winter, freezing might be an issue for sprayers. Additionally, fencing might not keep the most determined animals away from your landscaping. For the best results, you may need to turn to granular rabbit and deer deterrents to prevent damage to your lawn. This repellent is environmentally safe and cruelty-free. It simply makes your vegetation undesirable to deer and rabbits. Apply it to flower beds, lawns, ground cover and gardens. You can use this to protect vegetation up to two feet tall. Additional sprays are available to protect taller landscaping.

The other good news is that you don’t need a spreader to use this deterrent. Simply shake to apply it around your plants. Reapply it every three to four weeks, and after excessive precipitation. If you are experiencing particularly high levels of deer and rabbit activity, you may need to apply the deterrent more liberally or more frequently.

Call for Backup

Do you need additional tips to protect your lawn this winter? Don’t hesitate to call for back-up. The pros at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. are ready to assist with your landscaping in Fargo, ND. We are a locally owned and family operated company that has been proudly serving the area for over 35 years. We offer premier landscaping and irrigation services to meet all of your outdoor needs. Reach out to us today!

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