The Best Watering Techniques to Establish Plants in Hot Summer Months

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The summer’s relentless heat can be a challenge for gardeners and their plants. The long daylight hours and hot temperatures can cause flowers, vegetables and even young shrubs to dry out and die. Recently planted buds and sprouts are especially vulnerable. The harsh conditions make it tough for a new tree or a young tomato plant to plant their roots deep enough into the soil to thrive.

One of the biggest challenges is trying to keep the soil moist enough to support new growth. Proper watering is key to helping a plant prosper throughout all stages of its life. Too much water will rob the soil of enough air pockets for the plant to breathe and cause the roots to rot. On the other hand, under-watering will leave the plant yellow and brittle before it dries up and dies entirely.

Luckily, gardeners can use the following smart watering techniques from a nursery in Fargo, ND to help their plants establish better—even during the hot summer months:

  • Plant smart: Try to avoid planting during the hot, dry weather if possible. The extreme conditions can place undue stress on the plants. If you must plant during the summer, make an effort to plant in the early morning, when the temperatures are still relatively cool.
  • Water immediately: Water plants as soon as you get them in the ground. Allow the water to soak into the soil before draining. Then, water a second time until the soil is sufficiently moistened.
  • Choose the right method: Smart watering is key to survival when it comes to helping new plants take root. Use a soaker hose to apply water directly to the soil. This direct method helps the water soak through the dirt and to the roots of the plants before evaporating. Hand watering is also an effective way to ensure new plants get the water they need. Be careful not to overwater!
  • Soil signals: Let the soil guide the watering schedule. Consistently watering on the same day of the week without any attention to the moisture in the soil could leave the plants without sufficient water through the week. On the other hand, too much water could drown the plant. Water according to the soil type and the weather. Do not apply water faster than the soil can absorb it.
  • Early watering: Water gardens early in the day, when the temperatures are a bit cooler. Watering during hotter parts of the day tends to be ineffective because much of the water will evaporate, robbing the plant of much needed moisture.
  • Keep the water in the ground: Use an organic mulch like wheat straw or bark as a barrier between the damp soil and the hot sun. Placing a two- to three-inch layer on top of the soil under the plants after watering will help give your new plants a fighting chance during the summer. Your local nursery in Fargo, ND will be able to help you select the best mulch.

Don’t let the summer get the best of your plants—call S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. to find everything you need for summer plant care. Stop by our nursery in Fargo, ND today!

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