Tips for Late- and Early-Blooming Perennials

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How can you keep your perennials looking great all season long? Early bloomers and late bloomers require special care. However, it takes just a few simple steps to greatly enhance your landscaping. To enjoy the best results from your perennials, use the following tips for residential landscaping in Fargo, ND:

  • Dead head early bloomers: Dead heading is a common gardening practice. This is simply removing the dead or faded flower blooms from the plants. By removing these, you encourage the plant to produce more buds and flowers. As a result, your flowers rebloom and continue to look attractive throughout the season. For those that don’t rebloom, they still look more pleasing without the dead heads in place.
  • Trim early bloomers: Some early-blooming perennials may require a little more than dead heading. You may need to do some light shearing of these blooms to keep them in top shape. Be careful not to cut too far back. If you do, you will accidentally remove new blooms that are ready to take the place of the dead ones you trim away. For the plants that are done blooming for the year, a light shearing can prep them for future seasons and keep them looking bright and beautiful for years to come.
  • Keep shape in mind: As you trim perennials, keep in mind the ultimate goal—you want them to look their best to add appeal to your yard, porch or patio. To achieve this, trim your perennials to a tidy shape that works well with their blooms, leaves and size. This will vary depending on the type of plant, and it takes practice to perfect.
  • Pinch back late bloomers: Fall-blooming flowers, such as mums, should be pinched once they’ve finished blooming. For particularly bushy plants, if you prune away one half to two-thirds of the growth, you will encourage bushy growth and more flowers. If you pinch too late, autumn bloomers may flower too late. In this case, the frost ends up killing the blooms before they can open. To achieve the best timing, pinch fall bloomers between the beginning and middle of July.
  • Make hard cuts: Some perennials look terrible by the end of summer. In these cases, your perennials require cutting back hard after flowering. This hard shearing will produce a revived round of fresh foliage. Using this method, you remove dead blooms, encourage new growth and create pleasant greenery for the rest of the season (rather than wilted or dead petals that linger and make your garden unappealing).

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