How to Trim and Train Your Growing Vines

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Vines can add an inviting look to your property’s exterior. As they climb trellises, walls or fences, they provide extra greenery and generate an intriguing atmosphere for your garden, patio or property. But how can you ensure they grow in a healthy way? How can you guide them to grow where you want them to? Use the following trimming and training guide from our nursery in Fargo, ND as your go-to source of information. With a few simple tricks, you’ll have attractive, well-trained vines in no time:

  1. Gather the right tools: For vine guiding, you’ll need a vine plant, a wooden stake, floral wire, pruning shears and a trellis, arbor or arch. For small trellises, choose slow-growing vines. Choose fast-growing vines for tall trellises. You may also decide to guide your vine along a fence, in which case you will use this instead of one of the other structures.
  1. Plant your vine: To initiate your vine’s climbing growth, look for the longest and strongest shoot of the vine. Choose one that is above the graft (the point where two vine shoots intersect). Replant your vine at the foot of your structure or move the structure to the vine. Then, secure a wooden stake in the ground next to the vine shoot, between the shoot and the structure. The stake should be about ¾ of the length of the vine shoot. Once you insert it in the ground, it should be about half of the vine’s length.
  1. Secure your vine: Start from the base of the structure and wrap sections of the vine to the stake in an upward manner. Use floral wire to secure the vine to the stake. Wrap the remaining section of the vine with wire and wrap this wired section around the trellis. It is now ready to begin climbing the structure.
  1. Release your vine: Over time, the vine will start to attach itself to the structure. It will eventually no longer need the wire. Once it has attached, remove the floral wire. This usually takes two to four years.
  1. Prune your vine: To continue to shape your vine, prune it every year in early spring, before it begins to flower. Without this pruning, your vine can quickly start to grow erratically or overgrow. This can result in tangled messes, collapsed trellises, broken fences and obscured windows and doors. Keeping it pruned also allows light and air to properly reach the plant for healthy growth.
  1. Tend your vine: Proper pruning of your vine involves more than simply cutting back growth. The pruning should involve careful tending to produce a healthy climber. Remove dead, damaged or unproductive stems. Remove stems that are overly tangled. Also remove stems that are growing away from the support structure. Continue to direct its growth and limit it to what is healthy for the space allotted.

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