You may consider spring, summer and fall to be the seasons for tree care. After all, this is when trees bloom, insects are active and leaves fall. If your property has a lot of trees and shrubs, you are probably busy with landscaping in Fargo, ND during these times.

The truth is, there are several tasks you should complete to protect your tree and shrub health in winter. Some of these tasks must be done before winter, to prepare for the coming cold. Others should be completed during the harsh winter months to ensure your landscaping in Fargo, ND remains protected throughout the season.

For healthy trees and shrubs year-round, follow these winterizing tips:

  • Reflect the sun:
    Did you know the sun can be harsher on trees and shrubs in the winter than in the summer? Ground snow reflects sunlight more than grass and soil. As the light bounces off the snow and onto trees and shrubs, it can scald your landscaping in Fargo, ND. It may interfere with growth in future seasons. To prevent this damage, use a reflective material such as commercial tree wrap to wrap the trunks of your trees.
  • Bundle up the roots:
    During winter, we wear extra layers and outerwear to protect ourselves against the cold. Consider doing the same for the vulnerable roots of your trees and shrubs. If soil freezes, it can cause root frost, which may prevent roots from absorbing the nutrients they need to support a healthy tree. Placing mulch around the base of trees and shrubs to insulate the roots can help protect these essential support systems.
  • Take a load off:
    Landscaping in Fargo, ND sees a lot of snow. Significant snowfall and ice storms can leave a lot of heavy precipitation on branches. This can lead to broken limbs or other damage. To prevent branches from snapping, prune your trees and bushes. Winter is actually the best time to prune trees, so contact a professional arborist to complete an expert pruning before too much snow accumulates.
  • Shake the salt:
    Salt is great to keep roads safe, but it can be harmful to trees and shrubs. The salt runoff is hazardous to their health. If you’re planning landscaping in Fargo, ND, try to plant sensitive trees and shrubs far from roadways. If your plants are already near roads that are frequently salted, you can use tree barriers to keep the salt from reaching your plants.
  • Repel the pests:
    Animals are only active in the summer, right? Wrong. Deer, mice and rabbits are still around in the winter. They are still looking for food, and they are still a threat to your trees and bushes. Protect your landscaping in Fargo, ND with rodent and deer repellents. You can also install fences to protect the most delicate plants from pests.

Call the Pros

Do you need assistance with any of these winterizing tasks? If you have questions about your winter landscaping in Fargo, ND or would like to schedule service, contact the expert team at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. We offer excellence in service for you and your plants.

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