Spring and summer are the seasons of bloom and growth. So, why would you prune your trees in winter? Many property owners don’t realize that winter is the best time to prune trees. Completing these landscaping services in Fargo, ND during the plants’ dormant season offers several advantages:

  • Visibility:
    This advantage is simple but significant. If you try to prune in the summer, it is hard to access the branches. Covered in leaves, they are hard to see and reach. During the winter, the leaves have fallen off the branches. This makes it easier to see the branches and their structure. Pruners have a better line of sight to know which areas need to be trimmed, and they can better see if there is any structural damage to the tree. The result is a more effective pruning and a safer experience for the pruner.
  • Health:
    Pruning in winter offers multiple health advantages for a tree. First, fresh wounds from pruning are only exposed for a short length of time. As spring arrives, the new growth seals up the wounds. Secondly, it reduces the amount of sap that escapes through fresh cuts due to the tree’s dormancy. Third, it makes transmission of plant diseases less likely. Trees are less likely to contract diseases such as fire blight and stem canker in the winter. Fourth, fewer insects are out during this time to infest the fresh pruning wounds. All of these conditions create greater, healthier growth for the spring season.
  • Strength:
    Landscaping services in Fargo, ND know this area experiences more than a few inches of snow each winter, and significant snowfall can be tough on even the strongest trees. Snow buildup can overload branches and cause breakages and extensive damage. What was once a beautiful tree can become misshapen, unattractive and unsafe. It can also pose a hazard to people and property. To keep your trees from suffering snow injuries or toppling, trim them back in winter.
  • Growth:
    Trimming trees in winter promotes vigorous growth in the spring. This is especially important for fruit trees. If you want larger, tastier fruits at harvest time, prune your trees in the winter. This will also avoid overgrowth that can lead to unhealthy fruit production. Overgrowth in the spring can also cause damage to property, obstruct visibility and make the tree harder to manage.
  • Availability:
    What is the busiest season for outdoor chores? Any time but winter. A final advantage of pruning your trees in the winter is the lack of other tasks on your to-do list. You and your local landscaping services in Fargo, ND are busy enough with planting, weeding, mowing, harvesting and a host of other spring, summer and fall chores. Pruning your trees in the winter allows you to complete one less thing during the busier seasons.

Would you like to take advantage of these winter pruning benefits? If your trees are ready for pruning, contact expert providers of landscaping services in Fargo, ND for professional trimming. The experienced arborists at S & S Landscaping Co. Inc. are ready to assist you.

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